Current issues assessment tool template

This template can be used to assess the current situation for an NRM asset, system or sub-region/catchment. It comprises a series of questions which can be used to collate and consolidate relevant information to assist with Adaptation planning and MERI for a specified objective. The key categories of information relate to scale, stakes/values (and their divergence or convergence in relation to an objective), understanding (scientific and other knowledge and uncertainty), capacity (roles and responsibilities, etc) and urgency. It is a tools that is provided as an adaptable instrument for to assist with planning and implementation, developed following work in the  Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture, University of Tasmania



Detailed Descriptions
Planning Documentation
040104 - Climate Change Processes, 070101 - Agricultural Land Management
Geographic and Temporal Extents
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Attributions and Constraints
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University of Tasmania
Peat Leith, Andrew Harwood, Karyn Bosomworth, Phil Wallis
Peat Leith: