Engagement Report


Community of practice; researcher collaboration; inter-regional interactions; building relationships between researchers and practitioners (including individual connections).


Scoping needs and projects; broader regional engagement; commitment to continuous involvement; maintain relationships; clarity of focus for delivery; improve cross-cluster interactions.



Detailed Descriptions
Fact sheet
050205 - Environmental Management, 050202 - Conservation and Biodiversity , 050203 - Environmental Education and Extension
Geographic and Temporal Extents
Burnett Mary, Greater Sydney, Fitzroy, Hawkesbury-Nepean, South East Queensland, Northern Coast
Sydney Basin, Brigalow Belt North, NSW North Coast, Brigalow Belt South, South Eastern Queensland, South Eastern Highlands, Central Mackay Coast
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Griffith University
Cox, M., Serrao-Neumann, S., Low Choy, D.
Cox, M., Serrao-Neumann, S., Low Choy, D. (2015) East Coast Cluster Final Engagement Report-2015 Climate Change Adaptation for Natural Resource Management in East Coast Australia Project, Griffith University
Darryl Low Choy