Monsoonal North NRM Collection

This collection contains materials produced by the Monsoonal North Cluster of the Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Research Grants Program.  The Program aims to improve the capacity of regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations in Australia to plan for climate change.

This program was developed as part of the Australian Government's Regional NRM Planning for Climate Change Fund.

The consortium was led by Charles Darwin University in collaboration with partners CSIRO, Griffith University, University of Western Australia, and James Cook University.

The Northern Monsoon cluster covers 1906 kmand includes NRM regions across Queensland (NQ Dry Tropics (Burdekin), Northern Gulf, Southern Gulf and part Cape York NRM), the Northern Territory (part of Territory NRM) and Western Australia (part of WA Rangelands). It extends across the entire Australian continent from the Burdekin River in Queensland to the Fitzroy Basin in WA, and comprises the majority of Australia’s dry tropical savannas.  Major land uses and activities include agriculture, pastoralism, mining, oil and gas, tourism, recreation and nature conservation. Approximately half of the land base is owned or managed by Indigenous people.


ImageMonsoonal North Cluster Region Map
Region map courtesy Climate Change in Australia project by CSIRO and the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. Copyright CSIRO 2015.
Repository Item application/x-makerMonsoonal North Social Resilience Handbook
The aim of this handbook is to assist planners within the Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations of the Monsoonal North to prepare landholders within the region to become more “climate ready”.
Repository Item C headerClimate change and carbon management in the monsoonal north
Report focusses on carbon sequestration and emissions abatement using the savanna fire methodology under the Emissions Reduction Fund and Carbon Farming Initiative.
Repository Item C headerClimate change in northern Australia: Information for Aboriginal people living in the north
Information booklet about climate change and its potential impacts for Aboriginal people living in northern Australia.
Repository ItemClimate Knowledge Needs for Natural Resources Management Planning in Australia's Monsoonal North and Rangelands: summary report
An understanding of climate knowledge needs of NRM planners for the purpose of adapting NRM plans to climate change is a critical knowledge gap in itself that must be addressed before application-ready data products can be adequately designed and developed. This study interviewed NRM Planners across the Region to better understand climate knowledge needs for NRM Planners.
Repository ItemIntegrated cross realm planning: A decision-makers' perspective
Application of cross- realm planning to NRM planning and decision making in northern Australia.
Repository ItemNorthern Australian Aquatic Assets Geodatabase v2.0
The Northern Australian Aquatic Assets Geodatabase (NAAAG) v2.0 has been developed to assist in the quantification and communication of risks associated with threats to aquatic ecological assets across northern Australia. It comprises a base level set of spatial layers on aquatic features (rivers, lakes, swamps, estuaries, springs) and associated context layers (catchments, land use, protected areas, terrain, vegetation, roads and places). It also includes a catchment based assessment of relative risk scores associated with threats arising from factors such as flow alteration, sea level rise and climate change.
Repository Item RealAudio documentPlanning for Climate Change Monsoonal North Cluster: Decision Making and Planning for NRM
Report includes a summary of NRM planning for five NRM regions in northern Australia; Burdekin Dry Tropics NRM, Northern Gulf NRM, Southern Gulf NRM, Territory NRM and Rangelands NRM
Repository ItemCliMAS
CliMAS is a tool that provides interactive maps and regional reports to examine the future of species distributions and biodiversity across Australia.
Repository ItemTrends in natural resource management in Australia's monsoonal north: the beef industry
Trends in natural resource management in Australia's Monsoonal North: The beef industry aims to provide the region’s natural resource management (NRM) groups with an understanding of how best to support the industry.
Repository ItemTrends in natural resource management in Australia's monsoonal north: the conservation economy
Trends in natural resource management in Australia's Monsoonal North: The conservation economy—describes the drivers behind the development of a conservation economy in the region and why this is important.
Repository Item text/texmacsMonsoonal North Cluster Report - Climate Change in Australia Projections for Australia’s Natural Resource Management Regions: Cluster Reports
This report presents projections of future climate for the Monsoonal North NRM Cluster, based on our current understanding of the climate system, historical trends and model simulations of the climate response to changing greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions. The report aims to assist regional decision-makers in understanding the important messages deduced from climate change projection modelling.
Repository ItemMonsoonal North - Climate Change in Australia - Projections for Australia's NRM Regions [brochure]
One of a set of brochures that summarises key climate change projections for each of the eight NRM clusters. The brochures are a useful tool for community engagement.


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