The NRM Adaptation Checklist: Supporting climate adaptation planning and decision-making for regional NRM.

Climate adaptation presents a range of specific challenges to natural resource management (NRM) planning. These challenges are not necessarily new, but climate change and climate adaptation strengthen the need to consider them in NRM planning, potentially via innovative solutions. In this guide, we outline approaches for responding to four key challenges that, while not necessarily new for NRM bodies, can be intensified by climate change and climate adaptation. We then use a generalised planning framework to organise specific ideas about why and how planning approaches may need to shift to be effective under a changing climate. These ideas are posed as self-reflective questions, so NRM groups can consider whether their existing approaches are sufficient, need slight modification, or may need to be replaced with different approaches. We then provide specific suggestions, potential tools and examples of how to meet the challenges of climate adaptation, particularly with limited planning resources. This guide identifies questions that planners need to address to meet the challenges of climate change.

Our aim is not to provide all the detailed frameworks and tools to address each question, but rather to recognise that what works best for each NRM group may be quite different. Thus, we provide some tools, links to further examples, and some suggested reading to encourage you to find tools or develop new approaches that best resonate with your approach to planning. After answering these questions and reading the case studies, you will have a clear understanding of how your planning process could be improved or extended. Our ultimate aim is to support planners, even in small ways, to make climate adaptation part of ongoing planning and action for improved NRM outcomes.



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David Rissik, Sarah Boulter, Veronica Doerr, Nadine Marshall, Alistair Hobday, Lilly Lim-Camacho
Rissik D, Boulter S, Doerr V, Marshall N, Hobday A and Lim-Camacho L (2014) The NRM Adaptation Checklist: Supporting climate adaptation planning and decision-making for regional NRM. CSIRO and NCCARF, Australia. ISBN 978-1-4863-0319-9
National Impacts and Adaptation Project Leader, Dr Veronica Doerr, E.