Weeds and Climate Change: Supporting weed management adaptation

This module of the national NRM project delivers a summary of knowledge, processes and tools specifically targeted at NRM groups for climate adaptation planning for invasive plant species and weeds. This overview will be useful for guiding the management of existing weeds and likely future weeds as climate change continues to alter the world in which we live. The module synthesises impacts and adaptation information that is likely to be broadly applicable across much of Australia to assist all NRM Groups. Some issues are likely to affect most if not all regions and those are the ones this Guide focuses on. Further, developing strategy and management approaches that flow from an understanding of national and state responsibilities can help regions better define their role and be more targeted and cost-effective with their own approaches. The module is also intended to complement regionally-focused projects that may address more specific needs for adaptation to weeds and climate change.


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Weeds and Climate Change: Climex models
This dataset is part of the AdaptNRM Weeds and Climate Change module. The data collection in CSIRO's Data Access Portal features global and Australian maps of Species Distribution Models (SDM) for current and 2070 climates for invasive plant species for which there are published CLIMEX models.


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050103 - Invasive Species Ecology, 050209 - Natural Resource Management
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John Scott, Bruce Webber, Helen Murphy, Darren Kriticos, Noboru Ota, Barton Loechel
Scott, J.K., Webber, B.L., Murphy, H., Ota, N.,Kriticos, D.J. and Loechel, B. (2014) AdaptNRM Weeds and climate change: supporting weed management adaptation. CSIRO, Australia.
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