Bonriki Inundation Vulnerability Assessment - Te ran bon te maiu (Water is Life) Documentary

30 minute documentary video on the groundwater lens, impacts from anthropogenic and natural hazards and the vulnerability of the lens, and appropriate management and protection.The documentary details the relationship the people of Bonriki have with their fresh water source and how it is threatened by man-made and climate change events. 

In Gilbertese with English subtitles. 

A 5 minute summary version is also available for download at

The Bonriki Inundation Vulnerability Assessment (BIVA) project aimed to improve understanding of the vulnerability of the Bonriki freshwater reserve to coastal hazards and climate variability and change. Improved knowledge of risks to this freshwater resource will enable better adaptation planning by the Government of Kiribati.

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Access the video via the SPC BIVA Website



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Australian Government , Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning (PACCSAP) Program, Kiribati Ministry of Public Works and Utilities, Secretariat of the Pacific Community
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