CMIP5 Climatologies

Historic and future 20-year climatologies of CMIP5 data on native model grid for annual, seasonal and monthly seasons. Up to 40 models from the CMIP5 archive are available. TIME PERIODS: Historic: 1986-2005, 1980-1999 Future: 2015-2034, 2020-2039, 2025-2044 2030-2049, 2035-2054, 2040-2059 2045-2064, 2050-2069, 2055-2074 2060-2079, 2065-2084, 2070-2089 2075-2094, 2080- 2099 EXPERIMENTS: historical, rcp26, rcp45, rcp60, rcp85 SEASONS: Annual, Seasonal (DJF, MAM, JJA, SON) 6-month seasons (NDJFMA, MJJASO) Monthly VARIABLES: Surface Temperature, Rainfall, Wind Speed, Solar Radiation, Maximum Surface Temperature, Minimum Surface Temperature, Drought, Extreme Rainfall (1-in20 Year), Evapotransporation Humidity.

Lineage20-year time aggregation (mean) of CMIP5 seasonal time-series data.

CreditThis data collection is a product is funded and supported by the Australian Government through the Pacific Australian Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning Programme (PACCSAP). PACCSAP was funded by Department of Foreign Affair & Trade, managed by the Department of the Environment and the science was delivered by the partnership between CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology. Please see the supporting file acknowledgement_te.txt for a full acknowledgement statement.

This output was produced as part of PACCSAP Project 1.3.5 : Version 2 of the web tool Pacific Climate Futures

Project Description: The Pacific Climate Futures web‐tool provides national and some sub‐national projections. During the PCCSP, training was provided in all 15 partner countries. Over 350 people were trained in the Basic interface of the tool, and over 100 people were trained in the Intermediate and Advanced interfaces. This PACCSAP activity will evaluate and build on the Pacific Climate Futures Version 1 web‐based tool, provide follow‐up training for version 1, develop a version 2 with enhanced usability, provide training for version 2, and investigate the feasibility of integration with the other tools developed under PCCSP. 


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040104 - Climate Change Processes
CMIP5_Climatologies_Data_in_NCI_THREDDS_Server.html: Climate Change in Australia Website: Pacific Climate Change Science Website: Pacific Climate Futures website:
Geographic and Temporal Extents
Start 2006/01/01 Start text End 2100/12/31 End text
Attributions and Constraints
All Rights (including copyright) Bureau of Meteorology Australia, CSIRO Australia 2015. Licensed under a CSIRO Data Licence The metadata and data are available to the public.
CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology
Contributors:Craig Heady, Janice Bathols, John Clarke, Jonas Bhend, Louise Wilson, Sugata Narsey, Tim Bedin, Tony Rafter Lead Researcher: Tim Erwin
Tim Erwin; Janice Bathols; Craig Heady; Tim Bedin; Louise Wilson; Sugata Narsey; et al. (2015): CMIP5 Climatologies. v1. CSIRO. Data Collection. 10.4225/08/559460244094A
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