Pacific Climate Change Data Portal

The Pacific Climate Change Data Portal provides access to raw and homogenised temperature and rainfall data for the 15 PACCSAP Partner Countries, plus Australian, New Zealand, British, French and United States Islands and Overseas Territories in the South Pacific.  Users are able to view trends in historical climate data on annual and seasonal time scales over any period of interest (where data is available). Users are also able to view data averages and running averages over three to 15 year periods.

The website provides historical point-based data for climate observing sites across the Pacific. At present,climate variables available include temperatures, rainfall and Mean Sea-Level Pressure (MSLP), at daily, monthly, seasonal and annual timescales. Climate data is presented as time-series graphs and basic site information (metadata) is provided to assist users choose the most appropriate location.

  • Relationship to other tools: The Pacific Climate Change Data Portal provides access to historic data which other tools such as Pacific Climate Futures Version 2 use to produce application-ready datasets. 

  The Pacific Climate Change Data portal was originally developed through the Pacific Climate Change Science Program (PCCSP, 2009-2011). Further developments took place through the Pacific-Australia Climate Change Science and Adaptation Planning Programme, (PACCSAP) Project 1.1.5: Enhancing PCCSP tools for analysis of historical climate extremes and decision-support.

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040105 - Climatology (excl. Climate Change Processes), 040104 - Climate Change Processes
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Except for the purposes of study, research, criticism and review, no part of these analyses may be reproduced, or redistributed for any commercial purposes. Please note that any use of these analyses should be acknowledged to the PACCSAP Program and the relevant Pacific meteorological service. Copyright Commonwealth of Australia, Bureau of Meteorology
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