SEQCARI Adaptation Options Supplementary Report

This report, Adaptation Options for Human Settlements in South East Queensland, is part of the South East Queensland Climate Adaptation Research Initiative (SEQ CARI), a partnership between the Queensland and Australian Governments, the CSIRO Climate Adaptation National Research Flagship, Griffith University, University of the Sunshine Coast and The University of Queensland.
South East Queensland (SEQ) is particularly vulnerable to climate change because of its growing population and coastal location. Human settlements, infrastructure, unique ecosystems, and primary industries all face threats from more extreme weather events, increased temperatures and altered rainfall patterns as a result of increased greenhouse gas emissions. Despite these risks and challenges, climate change may also bring some economic and social opportunities.
SEQ CARI aims to provide research knowledge to enable the region to adapt and prepare for the impacts of climate change. It will develop practical and cost-effective adaptation strategies to assist decision makers in government, industry and the community. The initiative is the first comprehensive regional study on climate change adaptation undertaken in Australia and one of only a few worldwide. It is exploring both vulnerabilities and adaptation options in response to climate change so that our prosperous regional economy, environment and lifestyles can be maintained into the future. 

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CSIRO Climate Adaptation Flagship
Baum, 2012, Adaptation Options for Human Settlements in South East Queensland – Supplementary Report, unpublished report for the South East This report should be cited as: Queensland Climate Adaptation Research Initiative, Griffith University. Darryl Low Choy, Silvia Serrao-Neumann, Florence Crick, Gemma Schuch, Marcello Sanò, Rudi van Staden, Oz Sahin, Ben Harman and Scott