An Assessment of the vulnerability of Australian forests to the impacts of climate change - Report II - Biophysical impacts

This report – Biophysical impacts of climate change on Australia's forests - is the second in the series. It presents a review of the primary literature on evidence of impacts of climate change on Australian forests. Existing evidence for climate change impacts in relation to direct stresses (CO2, temperature and rainfall), indirect stresses (fire, pests, pathogens and weeds) and plant processes (growth, transpiration and phenology) is discussed. The report concludes with a discussion of the overall impact of climate change on vegetation and the ecosystem services provided by forests. It should be noted that there have been several excellent reviews of climate change impacts on Australian forests as well as reports on climate change impacts on natural heritage and biodiversity. Conclusions drawn from these earlier reviews are not repeated. Instead, the report focuses on drawing evidence from the primary literature, including grey literature. Relevant literature was identified by bibliographic searches and in consultation with experts across Australia.

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Medlyn, BE, Zeppel, MSJ, Brouwers, NC, Howard, K, O’Gara, E, Hardy, G, Lyons, T, Li, L & Evans, B 2011, Biophysical impacts of climate change on Australia's forests. Contribution of Work Package 2 to the Forest Vulnerability Assessment, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 189 pp.





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Belinda E. Medlyn,Melanie S.J. Zeppel,Niels C. Brouwers,Kay Howard,Emer OÆGara,Giles Hardy,Thomas Lyons,Li Li,Bradley Evans