IClimate: Final Report

The iClimate project conducted a review of climate change impacts and adaptation literature for Australia during 2010?2011 covering natural and managed ecosystems, human health and well?being, and human built environments, industry and infrastructure. Although we did not review information for New Zealand, we include discussion on New Zealand where information was uncovered. The information was synthesized into ‘statements ‘ ? in a user?friendly and efficient form to underpin adaptation planning in Australia and preparation of the Australasia chapter of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report (due 2014). Statements focused on observed and projected impacts of climate change with particular emphasis on information published since the end of 2006 i.e. new literature since the publication of the IPCC 4th Assessment Report. 

The project developed a web?based database called iClimate which presents the statements and underlying publications in a searchable form. Statements are fully references and presented in user?friendly language and be searched by assigned categories, author or key words.

IClimate on the web 

Fact Finding Team

The iClimate team comprised a multidisciplinary team of scientists across three institutions.
Climate Adaptation Flagship, CSIRO
Elvira Poloczanska, Marine and Atmospheric Research
Tara Martin, Ecosystem Sciences
Trevor Booth, Ecosystem Sciences
Xiaoming Wang, Ecosystem Sciences
University of the Sunshine coast
Tim Smith, Sustainability Research Centre
Bill Carter, Sustainability Research Centre
Anne Roiko, Sustainability Research Centre
Database Team
University of Southern Queensland
Stijn Dekeyser, Department of Mathematics and Computing
Cynthia Wong, Department of Mathematics and Computing


Please cite report as:

Poloczanska, E, Booth, T, Carter, B, Dekeyser, S, Roiko, A, Wang, X, Wong, C & Martin, T 2012, iClimate, National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, 283 pp.



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