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This collection contains materials produced by the South Coast Climate Change Adaptation Research Partnership (SCARP) Southern Slopes Cluster of the Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Research Grants Program. The Program aims to improve the capacity of regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) organisations in Australia to plan for climate change.

This program was developed as part of the Australian Government's Regional NRM Planning for Climate Change Fund.

The SCARP consortium was led by University of Tasmania (Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture) in collaboration with partners University of Melbourne, DPI Victoria, Department of Sustainability and Environment Victoria,  DPIPWE Tasmania, University of Technology Sydney, and Office of Environment and Heritage NSW.

About the ClusterThe Southern Slopes Cluster covers an area of almost 225,000 km2 across Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. It comprises the 9 NRM regions of south-eastern Australia that share a cool maritime climate. These are: Glenelg Hopkins, Corangamite, Port Philip/ Westernport, West Gippsland and East Gippsland (VIC); NRM North, NRM South and Cradle Coast NRM (TAS); and the South East LLS (NSW).


Repository Item chemical/x-pdbAdaptation Pathways: a playbook for developing options for climate change adaptation in Natural Resource Management
This playbook presents an approach to climate change adaptation planning known as adaptation pathways – ‘an analytical approach to planning that explores and sequences a set of possible actions that are based on external developments over time’ (Haasnoot et al. 2013:485). It guides users through five broad activities or ‘plays’ that make up an approach to pathways planning. It provides a brief description of each activity and directs the user to relevant sections of the supporting Southern Slopes Information Report (Wallis et al. 2014), which provides greater detail on each activity, including links to relevant resources and literature.
Repository ItemCurrent issues assessment tool template
An excel spreadsheet that can be adapted to assess the current situation in order to undertake pathways planning as per SCARP Adaptation Pathways Playbook
Repository Item Troff document (with manpage macros)Southern Slopes Information Portal Report: Climate change adaptation information for natural resource planning and implementation
Climate change adaptation information for natural resource planning and implementation
Repository Item Troff document (with manpage macros)An Adaptive Capacity Guide Book: assessing, building and evaluating the capacity of communities to adapt in a changing climate.
This report provides a practical guide to assessing building and monitoring adaptive capacity as a key component of adaptation to climate change for natural resource management.
Repository Item chemical/x-pdbMeans-to-an-end: a process guide for participatory spatial prioritisation in Australian natural resource management
In this collaborative report, co-authored by researchers and NRM planners, a process is defined to undertake spatial prioritisation to achieve multiple competing outcomes. The process embraces new tools and techniques and a solid engagement with both science and community values.
Repository ItemA Review of Carbon Sequestration in Vegetation and Soils: options, opportunities and barriers for Southern Slopes Cluster NRM organisations.
This report summarises current research, including economic analyses, around ways of both sequestering carbon in aquatic and terrestrial environments, and of maintaining existing stocks of stored carbon in these environments. The focus is on sequestration activities in the Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use sector, that are within the sphere of activities relevant to regional NRM agencies in South eastern Australia.
Repository Item Troff documentSouthern Slopes Climate Change Adaptation Research Partnership (SCARP) Project Information Summary Sheet
Project Information Summary Sheet of the SCARP project
Repository Item text/texmacsSouthern Slopes Cluster Report - Climate Change in Australia Projections for Australia’s Natural Resource Management Regions: Cluster Reports
This report presents projections of future climate for the Southern Slopes NRM Cluster based on our current understanding of the climate system, historical trends and model simulations of the climate response to changing greenhouse gas and aerosol emissions. The report aims to assist regional decision-makers in understanding the important messages deduced from climate change projection modelling. It presents a range of emissions scenarios across multiple variables and years.
Repository ItemSouthern Slopes - Climate Change in Australia - Projections for Australia's NRM Regions [brochure]
One of a set of brochures that summarises key climate change projections for each of the eight NRM clusters. The brochures are a useful tool for community engagement.


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