Southern Slopes Information Portal Report: Climate change adaptation information for natural resource planning and implementation

Our natural resource base is the primary source of our wealth and well-being. This means that looking after land, water and the other species with which we share the country underpins sustainability. Although there are some good news stories, widespread trends of continuing degradation indicate that we are unlikely to pass on the country to future generations in a better condition than we found it. Limiting such degradation, let alone maintaining or enhancing the condition of our natural resources, will be an increasing challenge under a changing climate.

This report contributes to addressing that challenge. It is a key output of a collaborative process, throughout 2013-14 that linked university researchers and government extension specialists with natural resource management (NRM) planners and practitioners across south-eastern Australia. This endeavour has been referred to as SCARP, the Southern Slopes Climate Change Adaptation Research Partnership.

This report is a key reference document to inform the development of regional NRM strategies, operational plans and even the development of specific programs and projects.

The central focus of the report is strategic planning for NRM in a changing climate. While much of material referenced in the report is generally relevant to NRM climate planning, we have specifically focused on the Southern Slopes region in south-eastern Australia.

While the specifics of the future remain unknown, research across the physical, biological and social sciences provide substantial insight into the plausible future impacts of climate change, and into possible ways to both mitigate risks and take advantage of
future opportunities.

This report synthesises such research to provide a broad knowledge-base to inform the development of NRM strategies.



Detailed Descriptions
160507 - Environment Policy, 050101 - Ecological Impacts of Climate Change
Geographic and Temporal Extents
North, Glenelg Hopkins, Central West, West Gippsland, East Gippsland, South East (NSW), South, Corangamite, Port Phillip and Western Port
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Attributions and Constraints
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RMIT University, Monash University, University of Tasmania
Philip Wallis, Andrew Harwood, Peat Leith, Liz Hamilton, Karyn Bosomworth, Sophie Turner, Rebecca Harris and Kerry Bridle
Wallis, P.J., Harwood, A., Leith, P., Hamilton, L., Bosomworth, K., Turner, S.L., Harris, R.M.B. and Bridle, K. (2015) Southern Slopes Information Portal Report: Climate change adaptation information for natural resource planning and implementation. Southern Slopes Climate Change Adaptation Research Partnership (SCARP), Monash University, University of Tasmania, RMIT University.
Philip Wallis,